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Needful Kings Books, LLC is proud to show a new addition to the store. This item is VERY special and holds a place in music history. These aren't Elvis' sunglasses. However, I do believe Mr Gaunt would have offered this, if given a chance. Mr Gaunt's items for sale were not certified. Mine are, because this is for real. A necklace from the late, great rock n roll legend JIMI HENDRIX. Found in his personal effects by his manager following his death, and acquired through Heritage Auctions with provenance. Now, while I cannot guarantee you'll play like HENDRIX if you wear it, who's to say? 😀 Anyone who is interested, can PM me here at Needful Kings. We are diligently working on our historical memorabilia, as well as the book market. The link to Heritage Auctions is coming, as 100% ironclad proof. Enjoy some great iconic items coming from my collection!

Jimi HENDRIX Necklace

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